The mission of LMHPCO is to improve the quality of hospice & palliative care in Louisiana & Mississippi.

In recent years, the hospice community of Louisiana and Mississippi has experienced unprecedented regulatory challenges and changes.


These obstacles will continue with increasing pressure from federal and state budgetary regulations and the ongoing opioid crisis.

In 2010 the Louisiana Mississippi Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (LMHPCO) Board of Directors foresaw these evolving challenges and established of The Alliance for the Advancement of End of Life Care as part of a long-term strategic plan.

The Alliance reaches out to providers, companies and individuals in the industry to help us enhance our advocacy efforts for improving care provided during end of life.


Aside from protecting existing moratoriums and gains in both states, some of the current issues we are facing include ongoing state and federal opioid regulatory changes, Medicaid denials for patients that should qualify for hospice care, and the federal Medicare Advantage carve-in plan for hospice.

The Alliance is here to promote hospice services and palliative care among policy makers.

We want to ensure that every family facing a terminal illness, death and grief will experience the best care that hospice and palliative services can provide.

As our hospice community’s advocacy efforts evolve, LMHPCO is asking for your financial commitment to push The Alliance forward.


Please consider including The Alliance in your annual budget.

As a 501(c)(4), The Alliance relies upon your support to continue our efforts in Jackson, Baton Rouge and Washington.

Contact Elizabeth in Louisiana and/or John Morgan in Mississippi to learn how your agency can be part of The Alliance


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If you have any help or questions please contact:
Elizabeth Harper
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If you have any help or questions please contact:
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