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The mission of LMHPCO is to improve the quality of hospice & palliative care in Louisiana & Mississippi.

Alliance for the Advancement of End of Life Care


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Find your Legislator

Mississippi Hospice Policy Priorities: 

Defending the Moratorium 

Since the passage of the moratorium, our hospice lobbying team has worked tirelessly alongside lawmakers to ensure the moratorium is protected. The team was successful in garnering a (3) year extension in 2015 and a (5) year extension in 2018 through 2023. 


Fighting Onerous Regulations 

As a hospice provider, your job is to ensure the highest level of care is provided to each patient within your census. Our job is to ensure you can accomplish that goal without burdensome governmental regulation or overreach. Our advocacy team was integral in the fight to exempt hospice from the Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure’s new opioid regulations put forward in 2018. After several closed door meetings and public hearings, we received exemptions from a requirement all new patients be drug tested, a restriction limiting initial prescriptions to no more than 7 days, as well as a requirement for Medical Directors to visit all hospice patients for a face-face visit within 30 days of entering care. 


A Voice in Jackson 

The Alliance for End of Life Care contracts with the lobbying firm of JM Hughes Group to provide Mississippi members a voice and presence at the state capitol. The firm has three full time lobbyists with over 50 years combined experience in state capitol advocacy that advise our board on policy matters pertaining to hospice. Members of the Alliance attend an annual Mississippi Capitol Day where they meet with lawmakers, legislative leadership, and state agency officials to advocate for the betterment of hospice policy in the state. 


A Voice in Washington 

Members of the Alliance, led by our lobbying team, take a once a year trip to meet with our federal elected officials on Capitol Hill. With so much of hospice policy being directed by federal lawmakers and CMS, it is vital that we maintain strong relationships with decision makers in Washington and continue to educate them on the importance of the work we do for patients and their families. 

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